Our Committment to Quality Service in Srilanka

Port Agency Services Ceylon Ltd is a team of port agent operating in Srilanka. The company forms part of an international group of port agent which have through the years been popularised for its high standards of port agency services. Indeed the PAS group of companies are constantly innovating their services and do present port agency services from a different perspectives. The group also has employees with more than 18 years in the field of port agency and vessel management in general. This operating branch of port agent in Srilanka has been setup with the same port agency services standards as present in other branches of the group. We believe that this port agent company will demarcate itself from all other players in the port agent business in Srilanka both through its level of service and the relating pricing. As a dedicated port agent in Srilanka covering the port of Colombo and Hambantota, we realise that we are your prime interface in the port and we realise that our service, as port agents, is what makes a difference to your business as long as your vessel remain within our waters. With this understanding we provide port agency services in Srilanka with all the seriousness and dedication expected. We sincerely hope to get the pleasure to act as your port agent soon in Srilanka. We are sure that you will find our port agency services to be of good fit to your expectations and requirements
Yours truly.

The PAS Team

Port Agency Services Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd

Your dedicated agents in the port of Colombo and Hambantota, Srilanka

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Registration No. P. V 75377
No 31 Araliya Mawata
Mabole, Wattala
Sri Lanka
Tel:+230 728 4242
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email: operations@portagent.lk